Stumps n Trunks


~sjts said…
This is my first time on your site and you have truely beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them.
Welcome and thanks for your comment. I just checked out your blog and you have some wonderful artwork there. Keep up the good work. When I have some time I'll visit all of your shops.
Glynis said…
Catching up on your blog posts...lovely info and pics. Season's Greetings!
Icy BC said…
So much characters in these tree stumps, Jo! Beautiful photos.
RNSANE said…
Lovely, Miss was Christmas? Did you go out of town?
rainfield61 said…
Those flowers start to sit on the stumps. Are they too tired?
B.Held said…
This is fantastic!
Todd said…
Ah, green trees. How I miss those... even the stumps. :)
Ann said…
Stopping by here today made me feel like it was spring time with that first picture and the little yellow flowers. Maybe if I don't look out the window today I can keep that feeling :)
jam said…
Nice take on the trunks! Happy New Year 2010 to you and family!
And to you Glynis, have a fantastic New Year.

Icy, they do tell stories, thank you.

Thanks for stopping by Carmen.

Rainfield :D you are adorable - yes they are couch potatoes on the stump

B. Held, thank you

Todd, LOL, yes the stumps are always overlooked

Ann, :) I'll trade you a day of spring for a day of snow. We never see snow here.

jam, And to you my friend, have a wonderful New Year.
Ratty said…
I like the way the flowers are growing over the stumps, taking them back into nature.
pixelshots said…

visiting you back. you having nice pics here.
Ratty, yeah that's pretty cool and you see it often in the gardens.

pixel, thanks so much for visiting.

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