The Path by Gu Cheng

Photo taken @ the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Poem: The Path written by Gu Cheng from the book Nameless Flowers the selected poems of Gu Cheng. I will have more about Gu Cheng over the next few weeks.

The Path

you tell me
there is a path
serene and strange
overgrown with free grass

but we have never sought it
never walked it
because we are human
and quite common

the pigeon says:
it connects to a reed pond
the beetle says:
it leads into trees

but I believe
childhood's footprints are there
and etched brick headstones
and crickets' low chirping


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful poem. And the photo you chose fits perfectly.

I love this stanza...

but we have never sought it
never walked it
because we are human
and quite common
Anonymous said…
This is completely beautiful and mesmerizing. Great work ;-)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful poem and picture, Jo!
Dawn, those lines are the essence of this poem.

B. Held, He was an extraordinary poet and one of my favorites.

Thanks Icy for always visiting :)
Marilynne said…
That's just what a poem should be. I like the idea of childhood's footprints.
lunarhemizphere said…
You put so much thoughts on pictures. Nice calming and inspiring.
RNSANE said…
Lovely poetry, Jo!
rainfield61 said…
I always like to picture pathways, they are part of my journey, from childhood to now.
Ann said…
Beautiful. I see this as a wonderful reminder to explore the possibilities that surround us.
Ratty said…
Your botanical gardens are still full of wonderful surprises. Seeing the photo makes me want to explore the path to find the end. The poem helps inspire that urge even more.
C said…
Yes, he is right. That path is inside us, if we follow our childhood footprints back...they will lead us back that path...that the pigeons and the beetles know... :)
DK Miller said…
That's beautiful and what a lovely path. Never stop going to the gardens! Beautiful poem as well.
Carmen, he is one of my favorite poets.

rainfield, yes, you understand the paths beautifully.

Ann, ah, you've captured the true meaning. Thanks for visiting.

Ratty, thanks. Yes the gardens always surprise me even though I'm always there :)

C, yep the pigeons, the beetles and all the squirrels

Diane, I think if I stopped going to those gardens I would not survive.

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