In Bloom At The Gardens


rainfield61 said…
The bloom is visible.

Your message is received.
The second looks familiar, but I can remember the name :-) If it's the one I'm thinking of, the colour of the flowers depends on the acidity of the soil.
Ann said…
That second one looks like a hydrangea. I have one in my front yard that my dad gave me when I first moved in. I love them
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, Jo..I love hydrangea too! I really hope to grow one this coming summer..
rainfield, you are cute :)

John they are hydrangea and they are all over the botanical gardens. Thanx for visiting.

Ann, yes, I do too, they are so full and beautiful.

Icy, Oh, I'm sure you will and I know we'll have the chance to see them, I can't wait.
RNSANE said…
The gardens still look pretty though some of the flowers seem to be showing winter wear. It is nice to see the seasonal changes, though.
C said…
Pretty powder-puff posies! :)
VanillaSeven said…
That's a warm beautiful garden Jo. Very nice :)
Ratty said…
None of these plants look familiar to me, and that is what I like about them. The best part of exploring nature is finding new and unfamiliar things.

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