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I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a new blog which will be devoted to music. It will have interviews, reviews, videos, songs etc... I decided on a music blog for many reasons but primarily to promote some of my musician friends. The blog will however run the gamut on all music genres. It will consist of well known and not so well known music. I'll be posting anything and everything of a musical nature. I also welcome all of your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see and hear on this blog. So, if you are a music lover go ahead and follow me. I will try and post regularly, meaning at least three to four times per week. We'll see how that goes :) You'll also see the Entrecard widget on here though I'm not sure if it has yet been approved.

url is



Icy BC said…
I'll check out your new site, Jo..Sounds great!
lina said…
Hi Jo!
I will definitely check your new blog out. Have a great week ahead. :)
Jaky Astik said…
So what do you think the real meaning of music is? Let's start from here :)
dawn said…
I'll be sure to check it out.
I love your new header!
Ann said…
Sounds cool I'll go check it out right now.
Ratty said…
I will definitely take a look. Music is one of my favorite things.
Campbell Jane said…
Congrats! I'm looking forward to dropping by!
Happy Holidays
Campbell Jane
Icy and Lina, thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it.

Jaky astik, well, for me it's any sound that touches your heart. For the purpose of my new blog however it will be the sounds of musicians and vocalists. This blog focuses on the music of nature.

dawn, thank you :)

Thanks Ann and enjoy.

Ratty, I know and thanks for following.

Campbell Jane, And to you as well, enjoy the holiday season. Thanks for following my music blog. I hope to make it interesting for all of you.

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