The Illusion of Motion -

This is a guest post by Joseph Farley, thank you Joe.

The Illusion Of Motion

The spot on the ceiling

that seems to crawl

may be a spider,

or it may be the mind

that wanders,

a particle drifting

through space

while galaxies of memory

churn and mix

sight and sound,

past and present.

The spot moves, or

it stays in one place

while the ceiling moves,

shifting against

the motion of the moon

as do the stars at night,

leaving the fixed star

in heaven for its season

to focus attention

until another spot

(the fleck of a bird

passing by the window,

the shadow of a car

on the wall,

the crack in the door

that lets the light in)

beckons and the mind follows

where it leads

down roads of mystery

and revelation,

over distance and time,

until all things blend

as one streak of motion,

a single line of thought

that becomes a point

when viewed head on,

a spot on the ceiling,

a point to begin again.


Ann said…
I read this and I love it. I can so relate to this too. It makes me think of how my mind works on a regular basis these days.
Ann, lol, I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I love this poem and can definitely relate... the mind certainly does play tricks on us!
baincardin said…
I love this poem. ^_^ and become your follower now! :)
Icy BC said…
Wonderful poem!
rainfield61 said…
I have to concentrate on the spot, I have to be focus, or I shall be spinning together with your words.
Secondary Roads said…
Isn't it great to give wing to your imagination and let your mind soar where it will? Freedom!
Liz said…
That's a lovely poem!

Have a great weekend.
Thank you all for your comments and for visiting me.

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