December Storm

Guest post by Taylor Graham. Thank you my friend.


Daylight thin as tap-water,
as gray hairs through a comb.
Phone and power out
since yesterday. Snow
to shovel; driveway a barricade
of broken oak limbs.
Sun’s an asperity, red eye
of weather’s bird of prey.
On the deck, sparrows
hunker on their bellies,
pecking seed. Shall I
donate my hands to warm
them? But my fingers
have been taken by the cold.


jakill said…
Some great word images here, Jo. And from one of your google ads, I just learned about a relatively new open garden near the home of a friend I hope to visit next year
jakill, She's an amazing poet. Thanks for visiting and a big hug for clicking a google ad. I'm glad you found a new garden there. Have a wonderful weekend.
RNSANE said…
Great poem...and I'm sure it speaks for much of the east coast today!
Icy BC said…
Great poem! It describes what I felt today when I went out to shovel the snow today..
rainfield61 said…
"gray hairs through a comb", "Shall I donate my hands to warm them"?

Those are my favourites.
AVCr8teur said…
Good images of winter. I am happy we live in the Bay Area where the winters aren't as harsh.
Autumn Belle said…
A very beautiful poem that I enjoyed very much. I love your header picture of the scenery. Have a Blessed Christmas!
VanillaSeven said…
I can feel the chill while reading the poet.
Lucy Lopez said…
Hi Joanne

Just dropped by to say hi and enjoy your site, albeit briefly :). It seems to be evolving just beautifully - a joy to be here!

I'll check out your latest (music) site soon. In the meantime, do have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year rich with blessings to fulfill all your desires!
betchai said…
oh, this is a lovely poem speaking of the truths of winter, thankfully, I do not have to endure such storm.
Carmen, yep, though the funny thing is Taylor lives on the West Coast :)

Icy, Oh, not fun :(

rainfield, you crack me up, yes, please do :D

Karen, so am I. I'm not used to having seasons.

Autumn Belle, thank you and have a wonderful holiday

Vanilla Seven - :) I know

Lucy, and to you and yours as well my friend. Thanks so much

betchai, that is the beauty of living on the West coast. Have a fantastic holiday :)
Ratty said…
This is a perfect description of winter, especially for me right now. I just spent the day getting my furnace fixed.

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