Poetry Born

Photo taken at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco

Poetry Born

I type
thoughts jumbled
dissected jargon
creating silhouettes.
Kaleidoscope waves
half tones
to breeze
Words synchronized
form lifelines
giving birth.

PS See what happens when you write after a little spiked eggnog - delirious prose :)


Ann said…
maybe I have an eggnog spiked kind of brain because I like it :)
Icy BC said…
The header is beautiful, Jo! Your poem is great..
baincardin said…
love your photo. so green and it makes me calm ^_^

*your poem is great! :)
Gorgeous shot! So haunting. :-)
earthtoholly said…
Hee-hee! Delirious prose...I like that! Still, very nice.
VanillaSeven said…
If the after effect can produced this poetry, you should drink more :) Nice!
Ratty said…
A beautiful photo of these tree from the botanical gardens. The poem enhances that beauty.
DK Miller said…
Lovely poem and great photo. I love your work from the botanical gardens.
rainfield61 said…
Then, I must have too much spiked eggnog everyday.
Angela said…
Sometimes a little nip brings out the creativity! I like it:)
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: I need new glasses. I thought that said Pottery Barn & I was going to read about an adventure you had there.
Secondary Roads said…
Love the new banner. It's a nice contrast from the ice and snow that surrounds us here in west Michigan. Very clever prose -- or is it poetry?
Ann, LOL!!!

Icy, thanks, it's of the Botanical Gardens Pond. My favorite spot in SF.

baincardin, aw, thank you.

The Accessory Lady, thank you for your words and for visiting.

Holly, :) thanks for stopping by.

Vanilla, I think you are right and I certainly will :)

Ratty, Thanks I knew you'd appreciate the garden trees.

Diane, thank you so much and you know how much I love your work as well.

rainfield, I think that's a great idea.

Angela, so true, thanks for commenting.

Margie, Now you know I can't reveal all my adventures. You crack me up girl.

Chuck, Thank you, the banner is the pond at the Botanical Gardens which was taken yesterday before the rain returns. Prose or poetry, I don't know, it came from the eggnog :)
C said…
hahahhahhahahaha! I was wondering what was going on, whilst reading!!!!!

I'd call that one "After Eggnog"

C, LOL. that is a better title :D

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