The Tree Brigade


betchai said…
interesting formations from trees Jo, the 2nd one looks creepy, looks like the tree will crawl :) very unique and all beautiful
Icy BC said…
I second betchai's comment! But they are all very unique!
I love seeing all the differnet forms trees grow in. Your header picture is really pretty!
Ratty said…
I like these trees. I like the second one the most. It looks like there is enough space to walk right up to it. I like to be able to get close to unique trees like that.
Betchai and Icy, it would be a great tree for a Halloween decoration :) Thanks for stopping by ladies.

Catherine, I do too. They fascinate me. Thanks for coming by. The header pic is of the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco.

Ratty, It is pretty cool to explore all the trees up close and personal. Thanks Ratty.
Autumn Belle said…
I think children will like to climb the second tree and take a slide down. Have a wonderful and merry merry Christmas!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Looking at your photos reminds of the time my DH and I were at Yosemite last year. I miss the place xoxo
rainfield61 said…
The trees try to have networking, like us.

Merry Christmas, and happy holiday to you.
fullet said…
It's fascinating. I wish I could go for a walk through the woods, but it's Christmas, time to sit down and eat!!
Merry Christmas, Joanne.
Autumn, you may be right, they might like it.

Mrs. Martinez, Yosemite is gorgeous and i'm glad you had a chance to explore there.

Rainfiled, you alway put it in the right perspective :)


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