The Light by Mitch Marcus

I'd like to thank Mitch Marcus over at The Argus for this guest post.

The Light

There are things they say

that can't be seen,

can't be held and can't be dreamed.

There are worlds of wise-men

dead men too,

some too kind, and some too cruel.

There are tiny places

we all hide,

the caustic evils we store inside.

There are great big valleys

and hidden seas,

elemental genius and the Pharasees'.

Time marches forward

time stands still,

Time slides backwards, always will.

Lost in shadows

mired by night

Then comes guidance then comes Light.


Beautiful... some are guided and but some are blinded by the light... Now I remember the song by Bruce Springsteen ..."Blinded by the light" ~bangchik
Tes said…
I get lost in the shadows sometimes... but light finds its way, and with night comes day, and once again... light.
rainfield61 said…
Mobdy will prefer darkness, but we sometimes do get lost in yhe brightness.
Robin said…
There are tiny places
we all hide,
the caustic evils we store inside.

Wonderful! I loved this piece :)
Jena Isle said…
Wonderful, short lines. Way to go!
RNSANE said…
I think, sometimes, we need a moment to hide away from the world so that our light can shine more brightly. Also, the external brightness can just be too dazzling.
Thank you all for your comments. I know Mitch appreciates your kind words.
Mitch does appreciate the nice comments,

Thanks all!!

Mitch M.

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