grows in a garden
among the flora there

in her plain dress
as roses gawk and stare

in creamy petals
nor blush upon her face

she stands defiant
roots firmly held in place

of her gifts and virtues
seeking only second best

could never see
the beauty she possessed


I want to thank Robin over at Robin's Nest for allowing me to showcase her work on Poetic Shutterbug. Please visit her blog for more inspirational poetry.


Salitype said…
oh! what a lovely poem and so true.

there are those unaware of their own beauty and potential for greatness!it is, i guess, a very endearing quality.
Icy BC said…
That is a beautiful picture, and beautiful poem by Robin!
Robin said…
Thank you Jo!
I am truly honored :)
DK Miller said…
That is beautiful - both the poem and the photo.
Anonymous said…
One of Robin's best...
rainfield61 said…
I love the flower, and the poem .....
Ratty said…
The picture and the poem match perfectly. It's what everybody sees in a dandelion.
WillOaks Studio said…
That was truly lovely and yes, provocative too! Thanks for sharing.
zorlone said…
Wherever you post your poems Robin, they still come out lovely and meaningful.

earthtoholly said…
Oh, I loved this! And as soon as I saw the photo I thought, "No, it's beautiful!" Thank you for posting this. Very nice.
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and a special thanks to Robin. Having her poetry on my blog is certainly and honor. Thank you.
RNSANE said…
A treasure...Robin's work, the lovely photo, and you!

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