The Families We Make

This poem was written a while ago for a very dear "singer" friend of mine. It still holds true today and speaks of friendship and the bond between true friends. I've learned, during my over half a century life that true and real friends are rare. Friends do not disrespect or judge each other. They do not make light of your ailments or faults but rather support and love you just the way you are. They do not need to buy their way into your life but rather give you their hope, support and inspiration. I've many friends and acquaintances yet few who are real and true to this unconditional love. For those whom I love and love me unconditionally, this is for you.

The Families We Make
for Sone

Though we are not sisters
my family
would not be complete
without you.

The unconditional love
I have for you
makes me a better person.
By your example
I have learned
to expect nothing
and give more.

You inspire
my every thought
and I thank you
my friend,
for being you.


Ratty said…
You have written a good poem, and for such a good reason. Good friends are not something any of us often see.
DK Miller said…
Thanks for sharing. That is nice and so true what you say about friends.
betchai said…
beautiful poem of friendship Jo, thanks for sharing.
rainfield61 said…
These are very well written, speak on behalf of many.
Mountain Woman said…
That was so beautifully written and just how friendships should be. Thanks so much for sharing.
Glynis said…
A lovely friendship poem, one to be treasured.
Thank you all for your comments and kind words.
C said… are both very blessed to have one another...and what a love-filled poem to write for a friend! :)

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