Wordless Wednesday ~ San Francisco Nature Photos

Trees @ The Botanical Gardens

BBQ Pits @ Sigmund Stern Grove

San Francisco Bay & Golden Gate Bridge Background

Sun Behind Trees View of Ocean Beach

Living Rooftop @ The California Academy of Sciences


Tes said…
Oh wow, Jo, the photo of the Golden bridge is lovely! The trees in the Botanical Graden are so refreshing to look at. The roof top -is that solar? :)
B.Held said…
These are just beautiful!
Tes, Yep it's solar, eco friendly and was redesigned as part of the academy of sciences renovation. It was so interesting to see it in person and up close. I loved it.

B.Held, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.
What gorgeous photos, Joanne. Wow, they really make me miss San Francisco. Such a beautiful place.
Thanks Holly, I'll bring much more during the next few weeks.
Dr. Lauren said…
Wow, the colors in the bridge photo are amazing Jo. The blues are so vibrant.
RNSANE said…
You always knock my socks off...well, I have none on...but you blow me away with your incredible photos! I look forward to Wednesday to see what treats like ahead on your blog.
Carmen, I'm always looking for exotic and unique photos yet am always drawn to my love of nature photos :)
Jane Doe said…
What amazing pics! I always love your photos, you are a very gifted photographer.
Autumn Belle said…
These are truly love scenery photos that I love very much. All of them are great shots.
DK Miller said…
San Francisco is so beautiful. I love the shot of the botanical gardens and of the bridge. I love the whole green rooftop. That is so cool.
Jane Doe, thanks for the compliment. I just like taking pics. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Autumn Belle, Thank you and I am glad you enjoy them.

DK, Yeah, the Botanical Gardens one is a favorite of mine too. That living rooftop is amazing in person. Thanks for stopping by.

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