A Writer At Heart

A Writer At Heart

emotional expressions
inherent deep within spirit.
Passion are these words
undeniably expressed,
shared, proclaimed
in stanzaic precision.

The writer
sensitive, intuitive
feelings arise, awaken
born from within
depths of the soul.
A soul unknown
if not for their words.

Ego revisited
firmly understood
and happily embraced.
The writer paints words
with a knowing
of authentic self
creatively expressed.

Memories, dreams
parade the mind
as streaming videos.
These visual scenarios
breathe life into the heart
and have no choice
but to be reborn.

a glimpse into the heart
where the writer resides
words a mirror to the soul.
A soul which lives
within the mind
without fear.

The heart
pumps words

through the veins

never missing a beat.

And the writer writes

to a different beat

only he hears.


Icy BC said…
I love these verses, Jo! So beautifully described, and true..
Robin said…
Awesome! You've captured all of it and it's so true...

"And the writer writes
to a different beat
only he hears."
maxivelasco said…
hello joanne... this is such a lovely piece. i envy your creativity and wonderful thinking!

i used to write poems and short stories but realized that it wasn't really for me.

anyway, have a great day and stay happy!
Cher said…
beautifully written! you have one creative mind. :)
rainfield61 said…
All your have written reflect the actual. You have gone into our inner side.
This piece of yours has such a rhythm to it...almost like a song! With each stanza binding the other to itself.

This is true.

Writers are born. Not made.
betchai said…
Jo, another of your masterpiece, beautifully written and expressed.
I love writers, actually using words and expressing in this day of short tweets, good for you for pursuing your craft.
Mountain Woman said…
How lovely! I think it describes writers so perfectly and so eloquently as well.
Anonymous said…
genuinely beautiful.
Icy, Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Robin, very inspired by your comments. Thank you.

Maxie, Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

Cher, thank you, some might say too creative bordering on daydreaming way too much :)

rainfield, thank you, you are always so intuitive with writing and poetry.

Charity, thank you I never thought of this one as a song but you may be right. Your comments always appreciated.

betchai, you are too sweet and always make me smile.

Mountaindreamers, Thanks. I do have a twitter account and constantly have to shorten my tweets while writing there.

Mountain Woman, Thanks for your kind words.

B.Held, Aw, thank you so much
RNSANE said…
This definitely describes "the wandering poet" that I've come to know and love!

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