Vocalist Sony Holland - September Performances

September 11 PORTFOLIO: LONG BEACH, CA 9p - 10p (guitar/vocal duo - all original material)

September 19
THE VENUE: FARGO, ND 7pm - Appearing in concert with the Jazz Arts Group Big Band. Sony will be singing standards from the Great American Songbook.

September 20
THE DAKOTA: MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7pm - Sony's debut @ the Dakota, the Twin Cities premier jazz room. With Laura Caviani, piano: Jay Young, bass: Phil Hey, drums.


betchai said…
thanks for sharing to us Sonny's powerful rendition of the song "My Romance" Jo, inspiring.
Robin said…
Lovely... thanks for sharing :)
betchai, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting.
Robin, You are welcome, thanks for dropping by.
yoon see said…
Thank you for your kind comment and I love their moving souls and sounds.
So touching! Thanks for sharing!
Icy BC said…
Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful..Wish I could attend! Very touching, Jo!
Tes said…
That's one powerful voice! Wow!
C said…
I now wonder...why do you promote this singer so much? Is she related to you? :)
yoon see, thank you for reading and commenting.

Icy, thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

Tes, Yes, it is, Thanks for stopping by.

C, She is a very good friend of mine of whom I used to work for and still help promote. Thanks for stopping by.
Ratty said…
She is a very good singer. I like her more every time I hear her. This is a good song.
Autumn Belle said…
Lovely singer with a love voice.
DK Miller said…
Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed.
Ratty, so glad you like her music. Thanks.

Autumn Belle, Thanks for the kind words.

DK Miller, Glad you liked it.
RNSANE said…
There is no question that I valued the presence of Sony and Jerry in my life but, sometimes, I admit I took them for granted. I should never have missed an opportunity to see them, even if I was at death's door. I feel bereft now that they are gone! Thankfully, these wonderful videos help!

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