Carla Cried by Cheryl Oertli

I'd like to thank my dear friend Chey for her beautiful poetry. This is a guest post by Cheylinn. You can find more about Chey on her Facebook page and her Myspace page.

Carla Cried

Inside she felt her world begin to crumble,
Yet she put on her public face, stoic and strong;
She needed to honor her mother's memory,
To behave otherwise for her was wrong.

Mourners sat respectfully, each in their seats,
The memorial service was beautifully done;
As the pastor read her mother's verse,
One felt the loss of this precious one.

Her mother would have been so proud,
As she smiled down from heaven above;
And to the many who were left behind,
She'd left forever her legacy of love.

One by one the mourners went to their cars,
To begin the procession to the graveside;
Where there was said their last good bye,
Only then, could her tears no longer be denied.


rainfield61 said…
So well written. I can feel the sadness.
zorlone said…
It felt like I was there seeing Carla cry. :(


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