Hug A Tree ~ Stern Grove


These tall trees are giants in the forest... towering over smaller plants, and in the act of generosity by giving shade, some smaller plants just get weaker for the mere reason of not enough sunlight!!... Lovely photo! ~bangchik
Banchik, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for you nice comment :)
this is very peaceful and truly wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

Joanne I will be leaving EC. I am going to move to Adgetize and possibly project wonderful.

But, I don;t want to lose touch with you and this wonderful site. So I have grabbed your address to add to my blog roll!!

I hope to get done with all of this business stuff today and get an inspirational post up for the soon!!

I hope you have great day out there in the west. we are cold here today!!
Salitype said…
i think i shall never see a tree as beautiful as poem can be...

amazing, isn't it? it takes a lifetime for these beauties to achieve its full potentials. when they do, it is such a joy to watch!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful and magnificent trees, Jo!!It looks like wonderland..
katherine said…
Oh i wish i was there in the forest. I love nature so much. For me, it is very relaxing when you were under the big trees plus you can hear the birds singing...Thanks for this photos Jo.
C said…
Oy! Is that the sunlight which has painted the trees in shades of snow????
Ratty said…
Ahh the trees! This is the kind of scene that relaxes me the most.
RNSANE said…
I don't get a chance to hug much else so I will, gladly, hug and tree - and these are so beautiful.
rainfield61 said…
Hug those trees and they will transfer all their positive energies to you.
Aren't they great and generous.
Anonymous said…
Wow...those are some majestic trees! I love forests, especially the little odd plants that grow around the base of the trees!
Petula said…
Beautiful! I haven't seen anything like that in person.
Jackie, I know with the latest debacle on EC it's very disheartening. I don't know what I am going to do but I will wait and see for a while. I am following your blog so we won't lose touch and thanks for putting me on your blogroll. Keep in touch.

Salitype, you are very poetic and so true. Thanks for coming by.

Icy, it does feel like that sometimes :)

Katherine, You've captured it perfectly. I love hearing the birds when out it nature. They bring such peace and joy.

C, ah yes.

Carmen, you are hilarious. I actually did hug a redwood out in the botanical gardens last time I was out there and had tree sap all over my clothes. I smelled like the woods, but I love it :)

rainfield, they surely do.

Alterity, Oh I know, aren't those little flowers and plants gorgeous? Thanks for visiting.

Petula, I hope you will someday. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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