Photoscapes Unleashed ~ Stone Planter

Before - I took this at the Botanical Gardens and although it came out fine, I loved the colors and wanted to do something different. The result is below.

After ~ I deepened the color, added a swirl, pinch and tightened the highlighted center.



Icy BC said…
The photo is beautiful, and the stone planter is so unique. I love what you did after. It looks as if it's under the water world..
WillOaks Studio said…
I saw what Icy did--love that planter but the underwater kind of image is really wonderful, too! Hard to believe they are the same photo!
Dr. Lauren said…
I love the plantar Jo. Where did that come from?
klivengood said… are so creative. haha nice stone planter. i love both pics..very nice.
I love the after picture - it's wonderfully abstract. Thanks for posting it.
AVCr8teur said…
For some reason, the planter reminds me of a pumpkin and the 2nd photo is like looking deep into someone's eyes.
Glynis said…
I love that, it would make a great picture on my wall. I love the planter, it would look great near my Aphrodite statue!
Salitype said…
that is one beautiful stone planter. and the abstract is, i have to say, must be put in canvas!
C said…
GASP!!!! That's the magical pool by which the unicorns dwell!!!! Many a secret awaits to be revealed, here!!!! DO know much more than what you say to us, don't you, Joanne???!!! :)
rainfield61 said…
I thought of pumpkin, AVCr8teur has mentioned it. I thought of underwater kind of image, Icy BC has mentioned too. So, I am their followers now.
RNSANE said…
I think it looks like an undersea creature of some kind with wavy green tentacles.
Ana said…
Wow, what a most beautiful descriptive planter. I love what design can do, and how you have transformed a simple photograph into your own creativity, into a unique energy of experience. So happy to have stopped by. I found you over at ICYBC's blog, and have been here before. I love your paintings. They are truly lush and so very pretty.
Icy, it does huh? Thanks so much, you've inspired me.

Will Oaks, thanks, it is so much fun creating something new from these photos.

Klivengood, thank you, I actually like the "after" much better :)

koe, thank you, I do too.

AVC, very creative thoughts on this For me, the after photo reminds me of a giant snail underwater :)

Glynis, lol! I'll have to send you some prints :)

Salitype, thanks so much, you're sweet.

C, you caught me again, I certainly do :

Carmen, I thought the same. For me it looks like a giant underwater snail.

Ana, Thank you Ana, I love what I can do with photo software. Thanks again so much for visiting.
Ratty said…
I like both. The stone planter is nice looking, and maybe your changes are even more attractive. Your second picture looks similar to the art you have sometimes shown, which is excellent.
zorlone said…

Are you shifting to computer design? You made a great picture. Very surreal and it evokes mystery.

Nativa said…
This is awesome. I did not think that you touch up the picture until I read your comments. The picture looks natural. Great job!

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