Stern Grove Pathways


lina said…
What a nice place to go bicycling or a walk. :)
rainfield61 said…
Your pathway in Stern Grove looks so similar to that in Penang Botanical Garden, except no traffic is allowed over here.
It is very cooling although in the mid of the day.
Ms Terri said…
Is that the path going down into the Grove from 19th and Sloat? It's pretty going down, but hard to get back up. ;-) It was even harder when I was a smoker -- gasp, gasp, gasp, gasp -- every time I climb up there, I remember that, and am glad that I quit.
Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, how I wish I could take a slow walk on this wonderful looking pathway. Your photo is so inviting!
Dr. Lauren said…
This looks so peaceful and calm.
betchai said…
i love pathways like these Jo, so relaxing, it seems like bringing us to heaven.
AVCr8teur said…
I have not been to Stern Grove in ages. It looks like a nice place to keep cool especially with the heatwave coming.
Ratty said…
That looks like an incredibly peaceful place. I love the slope on the one side and the huge trees on the other. Obviously my kind of place.
Salitype said…
oh! i love wooded area pathways. they're so calm and peaceful...lovely!
C said…
aaaahhhh....aaahhhhh yes....the sunbeams.... :)
Buggys said…
I love this secluded pathway. Give me directions, I'm bringing my bike!
Anonymous said…
I went to Stern Grove over 50 years ago and it was a delight then as I would hope now. Go there for a lovely afternoon when there are live performances.
lina, it really is. That particular pathway is the main one for people and cars.

rainfield, I wish it were the same here. That pathway is for cars as well.

Terri, Yep, that's the same one. It's tough for me too. Though I stop along the way to take photos so it's a bit easier. I actually use the rear path near 34th avenue to get into the grove. It's nearer to my house. It's also very steep though and full of rocks and leaves.

Icy, you would love it and so would your camera.

Dr.Lauren, Thanks so much, It truly is so serene.

betchai, very well said my friend. That is exactly how I feel when there.

AVC, you've got the right idea. I may have to take another trek out there this coming week.

Ratty, you would love it even more thany my botanical gardens, only because you feel like you are right in the middle of the woods. It seems to me there are more trees.

Salitype, they are so calming. Thanks for stopping by.

C, you noticed... just as glorious as my moonbeams :)

Anonymous, Exactly. The Summer concert series are always a huge treat. It is still as beautiful as decades ago. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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