Wordless Wednesday - Flowers In The Gardens


Icy BC said…
Wow..beautiful collection of different flowers, Jo! When I click on the photo to enlarge, the colors are much sharper than in the post..They are gorgeous..
Auntie E said…
Lovely pictures. Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow for the reveal. good guess:-)
Salitype said…
wow! lovely sets of flowers...

i love the second one, the burnt orange! so intense!
rainfield61 said…
Say it with flowers.
Tes said…
The petunias are so thick! Those are lovely, Jo! The white bulbs look so healthy -just look at those sturdy stems! Very relaxing! :)
EddieGarcia said…
These are some beautiful pictures and I know you love strolling through your garden. Thanks for sharing part of your life and surroundings.

Friends 4 Life!
C said…
The first photo with those little pink flowers...aren't they the little pink cups that those dwarfs use every night when they gather at the tree stumps for their moonlit serenades??? They catch moonlight milk with those little cups, don't they????

Aha Joanne...I do think you know more about these magical moonlit serenades than you are telling........


Autumn Belle said…
Your flowers are blooming in a multiple array of colours; red, orange, white and blue too. Your garden is beautiful.
Our flowers are shutting down for the season. It's nice to see full blooms again!
bessye said…
Nice flowers Joanne. As I sit here shivering from a cold damp day, bightens up everything.

WillOaks Studio said…
I love the stroll in your garden!! And those late blooming lilies (I think their nickname is Naked Ladies, but I could be wrong)are so fresh looking! Very nice photo collection!
Ratty said…
I like the white flowers. They seem so clean to me.
RNSANE said…
Such a beautiful, colorful greeting for you - and us - on your day's outing. Are any of them fragrant?
Glynis said…
What a lovely collection, I would dearly love to be able to grow more but the sun kills them off.
VanillaSeven said…
You have a gorgeous garden Joanne. The colors are so inspiring! :)
zorlone said…
Lovely pictures Jo!

They are relaxing to look at.

Icy, Thanks so much. I'm not sure why there are sharper on the larger display. It may be because I use the larger pic mode on my camera and on the blog they have to be a smaller size. I'm a novice at this :)

Auntie E, thanks, I'll check it out.

Salitype, Yes and it's the contrast with the flowers and white sand.

Robin, Thank you my friend.

Rainfield, I always say it with flowers :)

Tes, I love the petunias, they re one of my favorites. thanks for stopping by.

Eddie, and thank you for visiting and commenting.

C, you caught me. My moonlight stump serenades have me delirious :D

Autumn Belle, all of these photos are from the Botanical Gardens in my neighborhood which I frequent. I wish it were my own personal garden :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Susan, it certainly is. Thank you.

bessye, They always display smiles :)

WillOaks, Thank you. I take my strolls through the Botanical Gardens near where I live. All these photo montage's are from that garden. I consider it mine and am very territorial :D

Ratty, they are clean fresh and beautiful. Thanks.

Glynis, thanks for stopping by.

Vanilla, these are from the Botanical Gardens in my neighborhood - I wish it were my own garden.

Thank you Z :)
Dr. Lauren said…
Sorry to be a stranger, I've been sick all week with bronchitis and food poisoning. I am so not kidding.

These are such lovely shots to brighten up my day.
C said…
I think that, the only way they allow you to bring a camera along with you and take these photos...is if you promise to dance hand-in-hand in one of their moonlit jigs!!! And alas, you may bring in your camera...but only before the moon is out!!! :)
Dr. Lauren, OMG that's horrible please take care and I hope you are feeling better now. Food poisoning is hellacious, I am so sorry.

C, You must be there in disguise to know all of this. Which stump are you occupying ? :D
garden plants said…
such a lovely flowers.. Nice pics.

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