The Photoscapes Unleashed Series - Chihuly

Before ~ Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture - I shot this at an exhibit at the DeYoung Museum about a year ago or so. I love his artwork and this particular photo so I thought I would play around with it and see what transpires. I have also decided to give my new art obsession a name. It will be called the Photoscapes Unleashed Series.

After - I applied the watercolor settings along with the swirl and pinch applications and added the warm color tones. Here is the result.



Anonymous said…
I love Chihuly's work, too! The photo you created is just spectacular ;-)
Icy BC said…
That's fabulous photo, Jo! Great colors choice..
RNSANE said…
All I can say is "WOW"! It is like lava inside a volcano ( well, I've never seen lava inside a volcano but it is how I imagine it looks! ).
rainfield61 said…
You have created a new art piece that is full of imagination.
zorlone said…
This is cool! I like the before and after versions. hehehe.


PS May I come back and borrow them for a poem or two? ;)
B. Held, He is an amazing artist. I was blown away by his exhibition. Thanks for the kind words.

Icy, Thank YOU, you are the one that inspired me to begin doing this.

Carmen, I never thought of it but yeah, it could very well be or my heart when I see Dennis :D

rainfield, thank you so much, I love your comments.

Z, It would be an honor to have them linked to your poetry. Anytime my friend :)
Lovely piece of art... I am seeing the image of a beautiful skate dancer moving forward, taking her time for a leap and a triple turn twist.. Cheers ~bangchik
Bangchik, Thank you and yes you are very imaginative and creative. Thanks for visiting.
koe said…
Joanne -- I love what you did with this -- abstract work has always fascinated me. It will be interesting to see what Zorlone writes too! Thanks for posting this.
betchai said…
it's amazing how photo and art software can transform photos into, lovely and interesting work of art Jo.
WillOaks Studio said…
Yikes, you exploded Dale's work!! Ha ha, just teasing you...I'm happy to see you take liberties with photos...this one is really quite exciting in movement and color!
Cher said…
a rare and amazing glass sculpture turned to another great piece of art! well done!!!
bessye said…
Very cool! a women of many talents. I am looking forward to seeing more.

Ms Terri said…
I like these -- both the orginal and the unleashed versions.
Dale Chihuly,Dale Chihuly ...I must remember his name. See his work all over. Stunning works of art!
Glad I found you...must come back.
AVCr8teur said…
I missed the Chihuly exhibit. The one in your photograph is amazing. It's fun being creative.
Ashley said…
How awesome! I love the colors and thanks for sharing the techniques you used. Beautiful!
That was so amazing and interesting.
betchai, it really is and I never even thought of doing this until I saw Icy's creations. Now I'm hooked :)

WillOaks, I know, I hope he never seen the "after" photo :) I love his work though.

Thank you Cher.

Bessye, I will definitely be doing more. I'm addicted now :D

Thanks Terri :)

Patsi, thank you for visiting and commenting.

Thanks Buggy's :)

AVC, it is so much fun playing around with these photos.

Ashley, thank you for dropping by.

Mountain Woman, Thank you for visiting.

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