Shuck and Swallow

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Shuck & Swallow @ West Plaza of GSQ
Tuesday, October 6, 5-6pm
Teams from your favorite SF Restaurants will compete to shuck & eat as many oysters as possible in 10 mins. Viewing the competition is free. Immediately following the competition, head down to McCormick & Kuleto's for an Oyster & Wine Pairing event from 6-8 pm. Tickets, available at the door, are $30 per person with the net proceeds being donated to The Marine Mammal Center.


Icy BC said…
Look delicious, and sounds like a fun event, Jo!
My husband could win this one hands down. He loves them! Not me. I am not much of a seafood eater at all. I love shrimp and haddocl and that's about it.

But, I must say the photo does make look tasty!!

Happy week Joanne!!
betchai said…
wow, looks yummy Jo, I actually love oyster :)
Ratty said…
Sounds like a lot of fun, as long as I don't have to eat. I'm not much of a seafood eater. I still think it would be fun watching the contest though.
kikamz said…
I had the chance to shuck my oysters for the first time too! i did here at home though when i was prepping the oysters for baking. i had no oyster knife so i improvised! :D
WillOaks Studio said…
I like seafood, but never took to mussels or oysters and really have a hard time imagining swallowing these--though I hear they are good for you! It sounds like quite a spectacle as an eating contest, though!
Salitype said…
got to say, i love seafoods but haven't tried eating raw oysters yet!

i bet its lots of fun watching this competition...for both competitors and the audience.
Huh... very interesting for those who love oyster. I never take more than two or three... But give me fish, I will finish a kilo. ~ bangchik
EEK, I think I'll pass on this contest.
Icy, It should be fun. I plan to get some photos and video of the event.

Jackie, thanks for stopping by. While I do love some seafood, this is not my favorite but it's fun to watch.

betchai, I really don't like oysters at all but I enjoy going to the event.

Ratty, that's exactly why I am going, to watch and hopefully get s0ome good photos and video.

kikamz, lol!!! Thanks for visiting and sharing your story.

WillOaks, I'm with you but it is so much fun to watch.

Slitype, it is much fun to stand on the sidelines and become amazed at the competitors :)

Bangchik, Same here, any other fish I can do but oysters, not my favorite.

Mountain Woman, know what you mean :)
Ana said…
Definetly looks like a good event, and what one person can't resist oysters. (of course those who don't enjoy, can)

How did the event go in the end?

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