Before (Above)


Before (Above)



I decided to venture out to Stern Grove which is within walking distance of my neighborhood. It's about 10 minutes away from where I live. We used to hang out here decades ago while I was in high school. Now I go there for their Summer Concert Series and to go crazy taking photos during the week. I took dozens and dozens during this jaunt which I will have for you over the next few days. There were some that did not come out very well so I decided to take a couple of those and make some changes to them. I got the idea from Icy over at Reach Beyond Limits and decided to use the software that came with my camera called Ulead software.

The first photo is the original photo of
Pine Lake in Stern Grove. It's murky, way too green and I just did not like the photo. I decided to have a little fun with it and as a result the second photo I liked much better. The third photo of the tree was spectacular in person though due to lighting and blurriness issues I hated the way it turned out. So, again I played around and as a result an oil painting swirl of the tree in the fourth photo. I changed the color, added the swirl to it and changed it to oil painting mode.

I'm really enjoying playing around with these different modes. I have Icy to thank for giving me this great idea. Tomorrow, more untouched photos of Stern Grove. Normally all I change on my photos is the focus so everything you see is the real deal. Enjoy!


Salitype said…
look at those. it looks like an abstract painting in canvas...

really interesting!
Salitype, I know it's really interesting what you can do with photo software. Thank you.
Ann said…
Those look pretty cool. I especially like what you did to the first one. The only problem with being able to do stuff like this is that I have a computer full of lousy pictures that I can't throw away because you never know what you can do with them :)
Robin said…
They turned out great! I love playing around with photos :)
Ratty said…
You did great with these pictures. I love playing around with photo editing software, or any other software(I'm a hopeless computer geek).
Ann, exactly, you can make some really cool art pieces.

Robin, I do too, it's so much fun.

Ratty, lol! I'm becoming one :D
These are wonderful Joanne. I love playing around in graphic software too.

I must say that I like the first picture both before and after.

You better watch out before long you will be buying Photoshop and have a new addiction!!

I can't wait to see the other pictures. We finally had sunshine today and I am running late because I simply couldn't stay inside.

I hope you continue adventure down this road. Icy is a good one to learn from!!

Happy weekend!!:D
Icy BC said…
Jo, I love what you did with the photos. They are both wonderful and I can't wait to see more.

Thanks for the mention, Jo!
Cher said…
haven't got the chance to try this. it turned out to be great pieces of art! but i must say i like the first photo though you find it murky. ;)
yoon see said…
Wow! I am most impressed with the before & after effect shots.
Truly beautiful!
rainfield61 said…
You are painting some interesting art pieces.
Angel said…
These are so cool. I love how you played around with the photographs. I have no clue how to do anything like that! I always look forward to your pictures:)
Shinade, thanks for stopping by. I think I'm the only one that doesn't like the first photo :) You know what, I have photoshop on my computer but cannot figure out how to use it :D The software I use with my camera is much easier.

Icy, thanks you will see more as about half the pics I take are out of focus so I'll be playing around much more.

Cher, thanks, many like the first photo. I think I'm alone in not liking it.

Yoon see, Thank you so much for reding and commenting.

rainfield, you can now call me the poetic artiste'

Angel, thanks for your kind words. It took me a while to figure out how to do it so now I'm addicted :)
jill terry said…
Th bottom one looks like the satellite image of a hurricane. Very cool manipulation.
You know Jill, I never though of that but you are right. I think I'm onto something here :)
Lucy Lopez said…
Hi Joanne, thanks for stopping by at LESS. I love what you've done with your pictures. What different stories they tell!

I have so far limited by creative explorations with my photographs to Picasa (free software by Google). And while I've also dabbled a little with Gimp (another free software by Google)and the software that came with my camera, I'm now inspired to delve a bit deeper into them... :)

Thanks for continuing to follow your passion...see how it inspires others without you even trying to :)
betchai said…
hmmm, am wondering how you did these Jo. this is one area that really interests me but I still have to learn. I know Icy did her transformations too, and they were wonderful as well.
bessye said…
What stunning photography! Excellent shots. How cool that you've expanded your artistry even more.


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