Egyptian Dancer by Joanne Olivieri

I first saw Samar Nassar perform at the re-opening of the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. I was spellbound by her performance and wrote this poem as a tribute to Samar. She owns and operates a dance studio in Berekely. You can visit her website at

Egyptian Dancer

She displays her feminine wiles
this modern day Nefertiti,
the bedazzled queen
like a brilliant jewel.
A precision cut gem
tantalizing, beguiling
a sensual narcotic.
She's a shimmering beauty
whose depth is not seen
yet celebrates women -
splendours of the ancient world
through dance
and tells a story
all her own.


Icy BC said…
Oh your poem describes such a sensual woman beautifully. She is an incredible dancer!
lizzie said…
Beautiful dancer and a very descriptive poem.
rainfield61 said…
You have described a dancer in such a poetic manner.
Robin said…
...sensual narcotic.

I love this line because while watching her I really did feel entranced!
B.Held said…
exquisitely beautiful.
A. said…
The dancing is mesmerising and your poem captures the essence of it so well! Belly dancing is something I would love to have learnt, but, too late was the cry. :)
Salitype said…
mesmerising!!!..both the poem and the belly-dancing!
enchantedoak said…
Poems found under such circumstances (such as unusual events) are so much fun. I like Robin's comment about the sensual narcotic line. Isn't the challenge wonderful, trying to capture that moment and its emotional reaction? Kudos to you. Maybe I'll blog about a similar sort of situation in the next day or two: you inspired me! Chris Alba
maricar said…
hi Joanne!

thank you for leaving comments in my entries in Salitype Society, really appreciate it. I had been in Egypt this year, and never had a chance to see a belly dancing :( but we had a chance to see also traditional dance of Egypt, "Sufi Dancing", it was great! :) i love your poem about the belly dancer... like the part, "splendour of the ancient world..."

thanks again Joanne, it's just me...

Joanne she is marvelous!! I would give just about anything to be able to dance like this.

I have always been fascinated with this form of dance. I worked with a lady years ago who decided to take lessons and she was very good also!!

I hope you have a terrific day!
Thank you all for reading and commenting. I appreciate all your thoughts and words.
bessye said…
She's awesome and quite beautiful. Ladies, this is how we get in shape...forget all those

Dr. Lauren said…
Wow, she's amazing. I love this type of dancing.
bessye, yep, though if I tried some of those moves I'd probably end up in a hospital :)

Dr. Lauren, I do too, I really admire it. Thanks for stopping by.
RNSANE said…
In my youth, perhaps I could pull off some of those moves but, now, just watching them makes my back hurt. She is incredible.

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