Music Therapy

Did you ever wake up one morning with a song in your head that just remained there and would not go away? Although that has happened to me several times, this particular song stayed for days and although I love it and it creates sheer joy for me each time I hear it, I needed to express my feelings about this song through poetry.

In tribute to the song "More Love" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles of which you can hear in the video above, I give you my poem "Music Therapy."

Music Therapy

I awoke.
More Love
accompanied the starring role
in my dream.
More Love
not of the sentimental or erotic
nature but the penned
Motown tune by Smokey Robinson.

This euphoric cacophony
monopolized my thoughts
my senses
my mood.
It fueled brain cells
flowing through my
life blood stream
the lyrical fix
musical drug.
It took hold of me
would not let go
and I held on for life.
Saturating my heart strings
it dictated the day
and inspired my muse
with stanzaic memories
"More Love
and more joy
than age or time
could ever destroy."
Sounds sweeter than
soft whispered
pillow talk. Hanging
on the edge, each word
a joyous infusion
flowing my veins.

I seized the day
on a high
of music therapy.


betchai said…
" I seized the day
on a high
of music therapy."
====very true Jo, music is therapy! and your words echo what music brings, love, and more love! love and happiness! love and inspiration.
C said…
This feels like a very fun, non-serious, yet sincere poem. I like it!!! :) In a happy sort of a liking way!!! :)

Sometimes, songs get stuck into your head because you hate them so much! Then that's not music therapy anymore! hahaha! :)
rainfield61 said…
Who can deny music is therapy. When I am down, I sing inside my heart. When I am happy, I sing inside my heart as well.
Salitype said…
i for one agree
music is to me
a soul finding harmony
a muse, a therapy

lost in the moment
music and me
heart finds its rhythm
in the core of melody

it fuels my desire
to write my thoughts
from me to you
a poem of some sort!
Icy BC said…
This gives me an incredible feeling of total surrender, and just let go with the music..
Glynis said…
Wonderful expression-" I seized the day
on a high
of music therapy."
Great piece, thanks for sharing.
Ashley said…
Lovely poem, and I certainly know how it feels to have a song stuck in my head!
betchai, very well said, thanks my friend for stopping by.

C, so true. In this case though that song is like an addiction for me :)

rainfield, yes the heart hears the song and we feel the joy.

Salitype, Wow, that is awesome, I love it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Icy, well expressed, it does the same for me.

Glynis, Thanks for dropping by and reading.

Ashley, lol! It happens to me all the time :)
Dr. Lauren said…
This happens to me all the time, and then I listen to the song hundreds of times a day.
"More Love
and more joy
than age or time
could ever destroy."

This line makes me think how strong true love is, And for someone you love dearly even time cannot be a factor of love forgotten.
enchantedoak said…
Hi, Joanne,
I'm new to blogging and find you are doing a similar poetry/photography thing. It's wonderful.
I don't know if this is the proper way to invite you to visit my blog, and I will follow yours....
Your posts are thought-provoking, and you may find similar thoughts on my blog...but is a joy to read your posts.
bessye said…
Beautiful poem Joanne!
Smokey Robinson and the miracles,nice choice of music to be stuck in your head. You expressed yourself so eloquently, it must have been a nice dream..(lol)

RNSANE said…
I am catching up on all your blogs I missed the ten days I was away...this song now has me all
jazzed up ( at 11PM ) and in a dancing mood. What sweet memories it brought back!

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