Redwood Trails at The Botanical Gardens

I have been to the Botanical Gardens three times this past week including a plant fair and show yesterday. I can never get enough. While there a few days ago I decided to absorb the redwood trails. I was so invigorated, refreshed and inspired by the trails that I did not want to leave. I was there during the week when it is virtually quiet. Being there late in the afternoon, thoughts ran through my mind like a waterfall. I began thinking "what if I just hide somewhere, which would be very easy to do and spend the night under these redwoods." I just wanted to experience waking up in the morning under these gorgeous trees. If the weather hadn't been foggy, overcast and misty I would have done just that.

These photos were taken on three different visits this past week. I find new and interesting paths and surroundings each time I visit. More from the gardens in the next few days so check back often.


betchai said…
i love the redwoods too Jo, they are just amazing to look at, love your pictures, the 2nd one, so green, looks so calm and relaxing.
Yes, I have noticed you have been back to the gardens over and over again, recently.

I always found-growing up-that being out in gardens, near tress and plants and flowers and waters, is where peace is found. Thoughts are full but then still.
Ratty said…
I have very similar thoughts of hiding in my parks too. I always end up leaving anyway, but I return ever time with those similar thoughts. At least I'm not the only one. :)
Bemused26 said…
Those pics are awesome! I especially like the first one. I love photographing trees :)
Betchai, it is so calming and serene.

Charity, I am there all the time

Ratty, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one as well :)

Bemused, I do too it's so much fun.

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