Wordless Wednesday - San Francisco Strange

I came across this camel on Ocean Beach near the Cliff House one day while on my walk. I don't know why he was there but I can tell you that his fur was the softest fur I had ever felt and his presence made for a great photo opportunity.

Created of iron and living foliage, this crab is located at the entrance to Pier 39 and is photographed hundreds of times per day by tourists. Why? I will never understand.

Pots n' Pans drummer along the Embarcadero. He makes a living at his craft.


Mr.f said…
Hi, I am from Indonesia. Success for you.
rainfield61 said…
You can find camel at San Francisco!!
Icy BC said…
Wow..a camel on the beach, and a crab that got photographed hundreds of times a day? That is so unique..Beautiful photos, Jo!
Mr.f, Welcome and thank you so muc for visiting.

rainfield, yep, you can find many strange sights in SF :-)

Icy, Yes, I should have called it weird Wednesday :-)
Joanne...I just don't think that crab is pretty...I don't understand, either...
Ratty said…
I would love to pet a camel one day. I like the crab too. It's a cool idea. The Pots n' Pans drummer has a good idea. I wish he would have used more of the pans. It would have been even more fun to watch that way.
bessye said…
thanks for allowing me to (live) again through your eyes of San Francisco. Nothing surprises me in San Francisco. Just hearing you speak of certain areas brings back so many memories.

bessye said…
It's me again, as far as the crab...it's pretty cool I think. considering the alaskin crab legs are a huge seller on pier 39.

Charity, I agree, it is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I would have thought a sea lion would make more sense.

Ratty, he is pretty good too. He lets tourists play the pots n pans with him too. He receives alot of tips :)

bessye, lol, I'll have more during the next few weeks. I'll get out and play tourist.

bessye, They are a big seller but I still think it is pretty ugly. lol

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