Musing Seaside Canticles

Musing Seaside Canticles

It is about solitude
In the wake
Of anchored foghorns
Over a voiceless pitch
Of baritone riptides.

Strumming undertows
Syncopate rhythmic currents
Fusioned in a clef
Of aqueous harmonies.

A soulful soliloquy
Of seaside stanzas.


betchai said…
wonderful Jo, your words echo the inspiration from being there. i can almost hear the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.
I felt as if I was there again..
rainfield61 said…
A so well written poet come along with a wonderful pictures. Inspiraton is the word.
Icy BC said…
Wonderful photo and poem! Your opening is very beautiful!
Where the angels bathe :)
Ratty said…
I could almost hear the crashing of the waves while reading this.
havenlei said…
I was really holding my breath while reading the poem. It consumes my whole being.Way to go!
Anonymous said…
Love the picture - I got dizzy just looking at it. Love seascapes...
Dr. Lauren said…
This is beautiful. It flows perfectly with the crashing waves.
betchai, thank you, I'm always inspired by the ocean.

Unknownwriter, thanks so much for the compliment.

rainfield, indeed, thank you.

Icy, thank you my friend.

Charity, so true and thanks.

Ratty, cool, thanks.

havenlei, thanks so much for your kind words.

Grace, lol, thank you, I do too.

Dr. Lauren, Thanks for visiting & commenting.
Ayie said…
scary view... i'm just afraid of heights that's why =)

nice much nature's action
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,
I too, have found the ocean my main source of inspiration. Always have, always will. It's where I feel most relaxed. Your poem is wonderful! ( of anchored foghorns over a voiceless pitch of baritone riptides...this part was excellent!!! beautiful choice of words.


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