Fort Mason

Located along the Northern tip of San Francisco Fort Mason served as a Military Army base for over one hundred years. It was also a coastal defence base for over 30 years. After the military conversion it now houses officers’ quarters with many buildings open to the public. Sitting on twelve hundred acres of land the area hosts over fifty buildings which are used for entertainment and educational purposes. There is a youth hostel located within Fort Mason Park and is frequented by many tourists especially during the Summer.

San Francisco residents who own boats and yachts use the docks adjacent to Fort Mason for their housing. Hundreds of years ago these docks housed merchant marine ships and served as a military port.

As in the above photos the views from this area are gorgeous. The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen in the far background as well as the Marin Headlands. If you enjoy walking or biking there is a path along the Fort Mason and Marina area where you can walk or bike to the bridge along the Marina Green and Presidio area. I’ve done it many times while walking and it’s just beautiful. Even on a day when the bridge is shrouded in fog, you cannot beat the views.

On weekends the Marina Green is a playground for local residents and tourists alike. There is kite flying, picnicking, frisbee tournaments and during Summer months many types of festivals and gatherings.

For obsessed shutterbugs like myself, this is a photographer’s dream scape.


Ashley said…
San Francisco truly is a beautiful city and a photographer's dream! Oh how I miss it! These are wonderful images of Fort Mason and the boat docks!
Sandy said…
Your 2 video's are blocking your text, making reading your blog a problem. Thought you'd want to know.

I loved The Presidio, you might want to swing by, I've blogged about this area also.

Ashley, Thank you for reading and commenting. I'll have more for you soon.

Sandy, I'm not sure which browser you are using but on both IE and Firefox there is no problem with the videos blocking anything. I'll check out your blog. Thanks.
betchai said…
oh, very beautiful Jo, the wharf looks so peaceful, very inspiring.
AVCr8teur said…
I never realized that there are so many boats here. SF has so many photo-ops!
Ratty said…
Great photos. I really love seeing all of the docked boats. I know I've said it before, and it might seem like a joke, but it reminds me of watching the beginning of Gilligan's Island. Seeing these pictures brings back happy and comforting childhood memories of watching those reruns.
Icy BC said…
Your photos show such a beautiful scenery! Great view, and post Jo!
Dr. Lauren said…
What a lovely tour. There are so many interesting boats and landscapes where you live.
Campbell Jane said…
Awesome photographs!! I love San Francisco and try to go a couple of times a year
betchai, thanks again. I love boats, docks and water :)

AVC, yep it's jam packed with boats.

Ratty, I know, I loved that show too.

Icy, thanks so much and I'm glad you like them.

dr. Lauren, There really are, I love exploring here.

Campbell, Coo, let me know next time you are here.
I remember my first boat ride...hmmm...but it was a speedboat...the foam whisking on my face and through my hair...I was 8 years old! :)

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