Squirrel Standoff

I'm walking the paths at the gardens and decided to take a short cut up a stone walkway surrounded by dirt and fallen leaves. Without even looking I begin climbing the stone path when I see something move towards me. I look down to find a squirrel propped up standing before me about six inches away from my feet. He's glaring at me as if to say "okay move, you're blocking my way." I had my camera in my hand and immediately thought of my buddy Ratty over at the Everyday Adventurer blog.

I thought to myself what a great shot. He's looking right up at me and I'll be able to finally get a closeup of one of these critters. So, I slowly raise the camera to get a photo of him when in a split second he dodges his way between my feet and my camera caught him "leaving the scene." I guess he doesn't like his picture taken :)


That is a great picture! No squirrel will stay long enough for me to take a picture yet!
Ratty said…
I rushed over as soon as I saw the title of your post. I knew it would be something good, and I wasn't disappointed. I love the story, and especially the picture of the squirrel. I can see him bracing himself to make a run for it. Wonderful!
Cruiselife & Co said…
We have Squirrels all over my college campus. One day, I was actually hand feeding one tortilla pieces.
betchai said…
haha, love your story Jo, though I love the picture too, look at his tail, it is spread like a peacock, maybe rushing to leave? so cute!!
Ayie said…
that sure was a very close encounter, that squirrel wouldn't give way to you huh
C. JoyBell C. said…
Very brave little fellow, if you ask me. Though, if he were to meet my childhood cat, Sleepy Head, he wouldn't be so fortunate. No. He would surely meet his death, as Sleepy Head's favorite snack was squirrels!
VanillaSeven said…
The tail of the squirrel is kinda unique. Maybe Prof Ratty can identify which type it belongs to. I love the shot!
AVCr8teur said…
What an exciting meet-up! Maybe if you had food in your hands, it would've been a different outcome.
Saphrym said…
Still a great picture! Closer than I've been able to get. ;)
Ratty said…
Oh, that's right, I never said what kind it is. Your squirrel is a typical Gray Squirrel. I'm not sure whether it's the eastern or western variety though. They are both very similar, but the western is bigger.
Bikran said…
That is is so cute .. I once tried to click but could not.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Icy, I got lucky with this shot even though I wanted the shot of him standing.

Ratty,I knew you'd like this. I thought of you immediately.

Dr. Lauren, that is so cute.

betchai, yes, I think he felt trapped and wanted to escape.

Ayie, nope, it was his territory and wanted to make that clear to me.

Charity, ouch! :(

Vanilla, yes, I was surprised by the tail as well.

AVC, I think you may be right.

Saphrym, yes I just got lucky with this encounter.

Ratty, he was pretty big for a squirrel. Thanks for letting me know.

Bikran, They are so quick, it's hard to catch them on camera.

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