Silver Street Performer

We have a wide variety of street performers here in San Francisco. Many perform around the Fisherman’s Wharf area and others just set up shop downtown and anywhere tourists can be found. I was reminded of this story by a post on AVCr8teur's Photo Blog.

Years ago, right after September 11th I was working in Ghirardelli Square. Our store was located right on the West plaza near the fountain. After 911 things were very slow and quiet. No one was really traveling so the square was basically a ghost town. It was in the afternoon when we happened to see some guy with his face and arms painted silver with a duffel bag on the bench across from the store. He opened the bag, took out silver clothing with wires attached to the attire and began getting dressed. Now remember this was right after 911 so we were scared of anything unusual. Seeing wires attached to this guy dressed all in silver was definitely unusual and something we hadn’t seen before. So, panicking, we alerted security who threw him out of the square and told us that he was merely one of the street performers who regularly works the wharf. Of course we didn’t know this and thought he was there to blow up the square. Street performers are allowed to entertain along the wharf but if they want to perform in the squares such as Ghirardelli, Pier 39 etc… they need permission to do so.

Anyway, Mr. Silver man you can find any day of the week along the wharf. He’s out there with his boom-box and his tip cup and for a buck will do a little dance for you. The tourists love him, the locals are tired of him but he does entertain. I found a video of him doing what he does best - asking for money which the tourists love to provide.



AVCr8teur said…
I have never seen this guy before. He is scary-looking with all that gear. I wonder how the makeup holds up in hot weather. Thanks for sharing and the link back. :)
Ayie said…
I didn't get to see some street performers when we were there in sfo but we definitely enjoyed the fisherman's wharf and pier 39.

this is cool!
How cool to live and work in such a colorful and wonderful place. I am definitely going to visit when hubby retires and we start our travels with our photography.

Oh dear me if he were to show up where I live he would probably wind up in jail. I have lived here in Oklahoma now for almost 10 years and still haven't adjusted to how uptight this state is.

We moved here from Maine which is a liberal state and I think I am still in the cultural shock phase!!

Great video and story!! Thanks for sharing!!:-)))
RNSANE said…
We do have some incredible performers - and some of them are not even in costume!!! You can find them all over the city. I'm not sure they mean to be entertainers but they are!!

The only place I've ever seen real competititon for our unique street performs is on Las Ramblas in Barcelona!
Ratty said…
Being afraid at a time like that is a perfectly normal and reasonable reaction. I do like that a lot of people there use their creative minds to entertain instead of just begging threateningly. I can see by the video why tourists would find him very entertaining.
VanillaSeven said…
Sometimes I pity these street performers.
Some of them really train very hard to perform well, but they are under appreciated. Nice post.
Icy BC said…
He is very entertaining to watch! I echo Ratty's comment, in that he is trying to earn a living with his performance, instead of begging..
betchai said…
last time we were at the wharf, i don't know if it is the same man, but i took picture of him and my husband, i should look for that photo :)
Where I live, we have a lot of "statue-people" ...the ones that only move when you clank some money into their little cans...jesters... :) They are all so very nice, and are my friends. :)
Dr. Lauren said…
Hey, it's a way to make a living so I applaud him for his effort, and when I say efforts I mean I've seen some better moves. lol

By the way, I added your banner to my homepage. I had you in the directory, but I adore your blog and want you to have optimum exposure. Goodnight.
AVC, He scared us at that time but I see him all the time now.

Ayie, You'll find all types of street performers in that area.

Shinade, LOL out here everything goes :)

Carmen, there is competition for street performers out here in SF. There are so many that they are organized now.

Ratty, you make a good point.

VanillaSeven, they are very under appreciated and some are just phenomenal.

Icy, exactly they work had for a living.

betchai, he's pretty cool, huh?

Charity, they are very nice and interesting people.

Dr. Lauren, LOL. Ah, you are too kind. Thanks so much and I have your buttons for both blogs on my sidebar.

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