Standing Alone

Strength of numbers is the
delight of the mind.
The Valiant in spirit glory in
fighting alone.


Did you ever notice that when you decide on doing something, whether it be changing jobs or following your dreams and you begin to discuss your ideas with family, co-workers and friends, that you will inevitably need to defend your ideas and most likely end up arguing in defense of your thoughts? Why? Because when we put those ideas out there, two things happen. First, behind those ideas is our ego intent on bragging to others in order to validate the thoughts and intent. Remember that intent from ego is taking the wrong direction. Intent from heart is the true and right direction.

Second, no matter how strong you feel about your idea, the fact is that when others finish telling you how “out there” your idea is or give you logical reasons as to why it’s never going to work, all that negativity will kill your idea and result in it never coming to fruition.

As in the quote above, the Valiant is one who stands alone in his or her ideas. Your ideas from the heart grow and our born into fruition by your not needing any validations but rather taking that first step on your own with a clear understanding and knowing that this idea which comes from your heart is your destiny.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Creation is derived from the unseen into the seen. It is born within your spirit and created as a result of that birth, by you.

2. You do not need endorsements from others. Endorsements come from ego. Your heart needs to be the ruler.

3. You don’t need to announce your ideas. They come from your spirit therefore they need no introduction or applause.


bessye said…
Beautiful post Joanne!
Ocean Beach, I grew so much as a person, for myself when I lived there. Because that is where I would retreat. That is where my solace speaks.
Thank you Joanne.

rainfield61 said…
We are pre-occupied with our ideas, and a glass full of water, no matter how we pour, will not take in anymore water.

Then we think we are lonely.
bessye, I know what you mean it's like that for me as well. Thank you.
JulieRoshan said…
Thank you so much for this. Exactly how you described what can happen when we share our dreams with others is so true. I constantly battle with this and try to only share my ideas with people who are positive and will only send good energy out into the Universe and give positive feedback. Some times it can be a hit or miss with me. So then I tell myself I am not sharing anymore when someone is negative and try's to tear my dream down, but I will not let them stop me. Thanks again for the confirmation.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful post, Jo!

I found myself defending my idea when started blogging, but then like you said, I didn't have to announce my idea nor trying to validate it..Love this!
betchai said…
beautiful post Jo, and the picture gives so much meaning to the post. what a thought you posed for us, and very true. know what? until now, to my family, only my husband understands my blogging, some of my friends back home (philippines) thought i don't work hard at all since i can waste time to blog. i guess, they will never understand why i blog, and it is not a waste of time for i earn and learn from blogging, comparing to just simply watching TV and chit-chatting away. when i started blogging, i felt i was all alone in the world and no one understood me, but then, came all of you, my friends in blogging wonderland, and i am so glad to have met a lot of different intelligent and talented, and most of all friendly and open minded people, here in the blogging world.
Ratty said…
I love when you do this type of post. I gave up sharing most of my ideas with people I know a long time ago. I'm not sure if it was for the same reason as you talk about here though. I got tired of others always disagreeing and being negative. That showed me that there was not much of a reason to share some things. It seems to work better that way.
Robin said…
A beautiful post. I especially loved #3
Ayie said…
Thanks for sharing this one, makes a lot of sense and it will serve as a very good guide for me too.
bessye, same here, going to the beach and the botanical gardens is where I find my peace.

rainfield, so eloquently expressed. You are wise my friend.

Julie, So true and the fact is that negative people should not even be a part of our lives. As I grow older I realize this and as a result a much more peaceful existence is at hand.

Thank you Icy.

Betchai, I couldn't have said it better myself. Many people also look at me thinking I'm crazy to blog. However, the way I see it, we all have gifts to share with this world and blogging is our way of sharing. I have learned so much from your blogs over this past year and it gives me so much pleasure to learn what I do from all of you. The fact is that people who do not share their inner gifts, and, we all have our own gifts, are not really living. Thank you so much my friend :)

Ratty, I agree. People who truly care about you will support you and people who don't aren't worth the time.

Thank you Robin :)

Ayie, I'm glad it spoke to you in some way.
I think that what we must overcome is fear.

Often, there is an underlying fear. We fear our magic to be stolen.

We should fear no such thing. If we announce our heart's desires to all, it doesn't matter what they say, we alone know our own truth.

Sometimes,speaking our truth is good for us, as we gain momentum from declaring what we want to declare. But it is the thought "maybe if I say it, someone will steal it" which is to be overcome.

The greatest battle of our with our mind. Mind is flesh. Spirit is eternal.
Charity, so eloquently expressed, thank you.

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