Odds n Ends at The Gardens

While walking the gardens I came across this dirt path through another pathway of tall trees. There were no flowers on these trees yet you can see the pathway through a Cabernet colored infusion of what looked like dust along the dirt. It was unusual yet beautiful.

I found this interesting. It tells a story and I love the colorful hues. I like the contrast and the fact that it is so unusual.

There are stumps and odd shaped stones and rock providing unusual decor all around the gardens of which I find wildly fascinating.


Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, Jo! The contrast in each picture is also wonderful..
Ratty said…
These are great pictures. I like getting shots like these myself to use as my computer background. These are some of the kind I love the most but for some odd reason neglect to write about. I'm glad you did it.
betchai said…
wow Jo, all these are very interesting photos. i don't know which one to choose, just superb! love the composition in all of them.
Why is the dirt pink, Joanne?

Pink dirt???? Woohoooooo!!! In what world is THAT??? :)
Thanks Icy, that's what prompted my to snap the photos.

Ratty, I always notice the unique :)

betchai, thanks so much for the kind words.

Charity, LOL, that's why I took the pic. Still can't figure it out :)

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