Thank You Froggy Bloggy & Secondary Roads

I'd like to thank Justine at The Froggy Bloggy for sending me the 1000 EC credits she won for the most embarrassing contest award on Secondary Roads. Please visit Justine's blog & The Secondary Roads blog by clicking on the images below. Also a very special thank you to Chuck at Secondary Roads - Very much appreciated. You can read all about the contest and submissions here.

Tiney's Froggy Bloggy
Secondary Roads


betchai said…
congratulations Jo, am sure the 1000 credits can go a very long way.
Icy BC said…
Congratulation Jo!
betchai, they certainly do...

Icy, Thanks my friend.
Wow! Good for you! If only someone would send me some free EC credits! There are many blogs I can't afford to advertise on! Like yours, for example! hahaha! :)
Charity, lol. Make one of those grab me buttons and I'll get you on my site.

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