The 7 Menopausal Dwarfs

I saw this over at Cute As A Buggy and could not resist re-posting it. Although funny when seeing it now, it was not so funny while going through the stages. Please visit Cute As A Buggy here. Enjoy!


Buggys said…
Joanne, thanks so much for the visit and the link! You're right, these evils are all too real (as I fan myself). Love your blog.
LOL - I've seen this before, but it's always good for a laugh - and oh, so TRUE!!!
earthtoholly said…
Hee-hee, so cute and so true! By the way, Joanne, thanks so much for stopping by while I was away. It was nice to see you'd visited!
Dr. Lauren said…
This is so funny. Although, I'm not there yet. At least I have something to not look forward to. lol
rainfield61 said…
Luckily they are not the one with Snow White.
betchai said…
you are very correct Jo, looks funny but definitely not for someone who goes through such stages.
AVCr8teur said…
This is hilarious! I have met a few. Haha!
Kelly B said…
I don't think my mom ever had the itchy one (though I could be wrong) she definitely has been plagued by the others! Definitely not something I look forward too!
MAC said…
I've met every one of them. They actually moved into my home with me for a couple of years. My doctor even put me on a mild antidepressant and the woman I work with told me that if I ever found myself short of money for my meds to let them know and they would buy them for me. They finally moved out about 2 years ago. Thank God!
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Buggys, LOL :D

Heather, I can laugh now but a few years ago, argh!

Holly, you're welcome. I enjoy your blog so I visit daily.

Dr. Lauren, exactly it's a pain in the "you know what" however once it's over - life is blissful again :)

rainfield, You are too hysterical :D

betchai, so true, thanks my friend.

AVC, :D I know many...

Kelly, but once it's all over, life is good again.

Martha, :) same here. Thanks for dropping by.
RNSANE said…
Menopause is long gone but those attributes ( ? )
still linger! Yikes.

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