Sony Holland in Concert This Sunday August 9th

Sony Holland in Concert @ The San Jose Jazz Festival
August 9, San Jose Jazz Festival

Smith Dobson Stage, 6pm
w/Benny Watson, Jeff Buenz, Seward McCain & David Rokeach


betchai said…
love the song Jo, thanks for sharing, you are so lucky to be hearing Sonny's performances live most of the time.
Anonymous said…
The music is so nice, Jo! Have fun on that day~
VanillaSeven said…
Simply love the music Joanne, thank's for introducing her :). Now I am listening Melody Gardot. Do check her out if you got time :)
betchai, I've been very lucky these past few years when she was in the Bay area. Now she's in LA so I unfortunately won't be hearing her as much as I want :(

Icy, Thanks Icy.

Vanilla, Thanks and I will check her out.

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