Wordless Wednesday - More From The Gardens


betchai said…
oh, i love these trees Jo, their twisting branches just remind us that though life can get complicated and would have lots of twists, but over-all, it brings us a deeper beauty.
betchai said…
ps...love your shots, the color in the first one is so striking.
Ayie said…
Hi...I don't think I need to say more...betchai said it all. The twisting branch and the striking color is so fascinating!

happy Ww!
rainfield61 said…
I always think of taking the pictures of the stumps of trees, these "leftovers" strike my mind and eagerly want me to write something about them. But I do not know how to start.
Joy said…
wow! i love all the pictures specially the last one with the bench under the tree. i would like to thank you for reading my post about my father's health condition and for offering prayers for him.his creatinine level is now okay. thank you again.
Ratty said…
I love this place more the more of it I see. Those trees are wonderful, and lily pads are always great.
Wow..I too love the tree and its color in the first photo, Jo..Beautiful place to be!
Dori said…
Oh, I love these photos. The trees are so beautiful. The branches are like sculptures!
Bikran said…
Agree with betchai:).. It s simply beautiful.
WillOaks Studio said…
I just love twisty trees, trunks and branches--lovely photos!
katherine said…
wow, beautiful trees..i wish i was there climbing on the tree hahaha..
Joanne Olivieri said…
betchai, what a beautiful message and how true. Thanks for sharing that :)

betchai, that's what I loved too, the contrasting colors.

Ayie, thank you for stoppig by.

rainfield, whatever pops into your head :)

Joy-Anne, thank you for stopping by and I'm glad he is doing well now.

Ratty, I adore trees so I am in love with this place.

Icy, thank you and I wish you could see it sometime.

Dori, you are right, they are a piece of art.

Bikran, thank you so much.

WillOakes, thanks they fascinate me.

katherine, lol, me too.
Love the "cabernet" ground. Plus...I like your new 125x125 for EC.

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