Beyond darkness

within light

lies the key

to acceptance,

one with spirit.

Ego absentia

authentic truth

caress the soul,



jakill said…
Great photo and lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.
Ashley said…
I would certainly like to visit, it looks so peaceful and wonderful. Beautiful poem as well, it was a wonderful way to start the day!
Icy BC said…
Fantastic photo, and beautiful poem, Jo!
What a wonderful poem! Simple yet it holds great depth of wisdom!! What a wonderful place to visit as well. I love your photo!!
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,
I believe you found yours Joanne, tranquility that is...I can hear it in your poem. And by the way, aweswome picture.

wonderful poem of something I have looked for but have never found
Tranquility is such a great thing to find. Try to hld onto it as long as you can. I am trying to find my own, but alasmy work is not allowing it. You can check if I have found mine yet by checking here.
Dr. Lauren said…
Poetic and inspiring. The words float.
betchai said…
oh Jo, I so love the picture you chose to go with the words, and your poem again brings inspiration. It soothes the senses, relaxes the mind. Love it.
Ratty said…
I love that picture! What a wonderful place. It must have been a great experience to be there and seeing the real thing. I can understand a place like that maybe being an inspiration for this poem.
rainfield61 said…
The poem is short yet inspiring, it is the key to tranquility.
jakill, Thank you for visiting.

Ashley, than you for your kind words.

Icy, thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Shinade, thank you and the photo was taken while I was in Hong Kong.

bessye, at times I have tranquility then there are other times... The photo was taken while I was in Hong Kong at the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

Unknown, I have found it at times. I wish it were permanent.

The Struggling Author, I think we all can find it if we allow ourselves. The difficult thing is holding on to it.

Dr. Lauren, thank you so much.

betchai, thank you again for visiting and commenting. Very much appreciated.

Ratty, It was a very inspirational visit. I took the photo at the Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) on Lantau island in Hong Kong last year. It was the most inspiring place I have ever been.

rainfield, Thanks for seeing that.
I think that you and I are, perhaps, walking down the same road...or if not...we are both taking roads that are closely placed beside each other...and we can hold hands and talk! :) Being one with your spirit...tranquility...although I myself have gone on to superseding with spirit...going beyond the limitations that the body spirit has no limitations. :)
Jane Doe said…
This poem is sublime. I felt peaceful just reading it. It's also perfect for the pic you chose, which is also beautiful.

Have a great day!

RNSANE said…
I seldom know eludes me. When I do find it, at the most unusual times, I enjoy it totally.

The poem and the photo - both beautiful.
Ayie said…
great shot! i feel so calm and tranquil with this photo
Charity, Ah, yes.

Jane, thank you. I took that photo in Hong Kong which is what partially inspired the poem.

Carmen, Thanks.

Ayie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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