Wordless Wednesday - Squirrel Lunch

These were all taken at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco and these are three different little critters. I got lucky this time with the squirrel population. They usually dash away as I approach.

I got very lucky with the above video. I was starting to take a photo of some flowers across the way when I heard rustling at my back. I turned around and found this little squirrel having a snack. I slowly turned the video camera on and began to film. He was so engrossed in his meal he did not even notice me. Ratty, this one's for you.

This little guy was in deep contemplation :)

I'd also like to give a shout out to Will Oaks Studio and thank her for the award. Please check out her blog which displays some of the most beautiful photos and artwork on the internet.

Thank you.


Ann said…
Wow, they posed so nicely for you. Those are great shots. I can never get anything to sit still for me :)
jakill said…
Great photos. You must have a lot of patience or have a lot of luck.
Icy BC said…
Wonderful captured, Jo..I enjoy the video!
Ratty said…
That first photo is great the way the squirrel is looking right up at you. The video is a wonderful idea. I wish I'd remember to get some video when I'm out. The squirrel on the stump couldn't have posed much better than that. I'm glad you have gray squirrels. I've been watching for a gray, but I don't think there are any around here. I've only ever seen one.
rainfield61 said…
Tou have a good day on squirrel. If squrrels can talk, I do think they will talk in the "Rat's way".
DK, I usually only see them as they are running away from me.

Ann, I usually can't get them to pose either so I just had a very lucky day there.

jakill, I think it's alot of luck :)

Thank you so much Icy.

Ratty, The gardens are over run with gray squirrels. I have seen a few others as well, but these little guys are the norm. Glad you liked these, I always think of you when I see them :)
rainfield, you are hilarious. Thanks for stopping by and always making me laugh :D
Cher said…
lol on rainfield's comment too. ;)

i enjoyed the video and the photos so much! thanks for sharing, Jo!
DK Miller said…
What a cute squirrel! Thanks for sharing.
Rich Sands said…
What great shots! Well done.
Modern Mom said…
Great capture! Happy WW.
Modern Mom, thanks for your kind words as well as those of everyone. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment. It is very much appreciated.

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