Hollywood Walk of Fame

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One of the things I wanted to do while in Hollywood was to get a photo of Michael Jackson's star which you can see below. I also took a few shots of some of my favorite entertainers which are also shown below. The stars are located along a stretch of Hollywood Boulevard with some of the major stars located in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Right in front of the theatre are autographs and footprints along with notes, artwork etc... by some stars etched into the cement. I didn't take any photos of those because of the lighting situation.

I have to say it was fun seeing these stars until I found Michael Jackson's star and something just clicked. I stood there looking at his star deeply saddened that especially on this particular day, October 28th - the day his "This Is It" was opening in theatres across the country, his star lay etched into the ground, alone and with people just mindlessly walking over it oblivious to the fact it was there. The larger than life megastar musician of whom there will never be another comparable to his talent is immortalized with a star along Hollywood Blvd. Somehow this bothered me and I realized though these stars are recognition for entertainers and a novelty for tourists, they really don't mean that much in the grand scheme of life.

On a humorous note I was walking along the boulevard and came across a few people laughing hysterically surrounding a particular star. I went over to see who it was and found Judge Judy's star amongst the Hollywood elite. Judge Judy? The Absolut Vodka star makes more sense than Judge Judy. Don't get me wrong, I love watching her but a star in Hollywood? I had to join in the laughter over that one.

Click here for more information on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


betchai said…
hi Jo, I hope you are enjoying your time in Hollywood, now, if only I am that close, San Diego is a hundred miles away :( I will join you.
Betchai, I am back home now and had a great time. You weren't that far away and I wish you could have joined me. We would have had so much fun.
rainfield61 said…
You are back home now.. and time seems to pass so fast.
Liz said…
I wish to visit Hollywood someday too. I'm sure you had so much fun. :)
RNSANE said…
I have strolled here several times, Jo...my interests in the stars have varied over the years, that's for sure! When I first came in my 20's, I can't even remember which celebrities were my favorites but they sure weren't the ones I am fond of today...my all time favorite actress, though, was Grace Kelly! I can't even remember if she has a star.
C said…
Hey Joanne! :) It seems to me like you had an awesome time in Hollywood while you were away! Woot! :) But I bet we are all glad to have you back now! :)

You know what, here in our neighborhood in Eastwood City, we have the Philippine's version of the walk of fame! Stars too, just like those ones, with local celebrity names on them. :)

I don't like the stars in our neighborhood, though, (he hee hee) I don't like how they're cluttered over the park grounds like that! hahahahaha! I want to be able to walk in the park without having to look at names of celebrities!!!! ggrrrr!!!!
Icy BC said…
You have captured all my favorite stars, Jo! I'm glad you had a great time and back home safely..
Ratty said…
So much famous history. This is a place everybody dreams about seeing.
I am back home now and recovering from having way too much fun :D Thank you all for reading, visiting and commenting. I appreciate all of you very much.
Pablon said…
We've built what we think is a great site to help people better understand and enjoy the Walk of Fame. Called HWOF.com, this site allows you to walk down the street and see all of the stars from the great to the somewhat questionable. Yes, Judge Judy has a star, but guess what, next Monday, Judge Wapner get's his star; go figure. Enjoy the site and let us know what you think.

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