Erica Kane

I had to share this blog and blog post with all of you. This was the first blog I visited and read via Entrecard this morning and it just made my day. Please check out From The Den of the Dogman by clicking this link. Great new blog.

Which reminds me, when in Hollywood I searched for Erica's star as she is my all time favorite actress. I even had her star address on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but never found it.



Rich Sands said…
Thanks so much for the re-posting, Joanne. I'm happy you enjoyed reading about MY Erica, being such a big fan of the human one.
Check back tomorrow. There's another piece coming with Erica prominently featured. She and Levi, her dog brother, had a conversation on the patio the other night that I feel compelled to share!
Ann said…
Oh I loved that post. I like they way the cat is compared to her name sake.

Also love all the pictures you've posted from your trip
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Oh dear, where did I put her star??

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