Autumn at The Botanical Gardens


jakill said…
Wonderful colours. These pictures look almost ethereal. I'm expecting to see elves and fairies flitting among the branches.
RNSANE said…
It's beautiful, Jo...I saw little fall changes yet in 24 hour period of torrential downpour probably ruined much of that anyway. Wish I could have gotten up to the north GA mountains which are always so the way, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Laura, wrote and asked me to write a poem for their reception...I doubt that I can read it, though!
rainfield61 said…
Wow, over heard that you are going to post some elves and fairies who are flitting among the branches.

Great, my favourite.
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous scenery photos, Jo! I love the second one for its mystery!
Cher said…
your photos always look like a painting! happy friday! :)
C said…
That first photo is my favorite...I love it, the tree looks pink to me! I can just imagine myself standing under a pink tree...
Ratty said…
These photos show off some wonderful colors. I miss the leaves on the plants around here, but this time of year does reveal some new things that were hidden before.
DK Miller said…
Those are beautiful photos. I'd love to go to those gardens sometime.
Jena Isle said…
Great pictures Joan. Nature has always a calming effect on people. Thanks for sharing.
lina said…
Wow! Nice autumn colors. I missed the experience when vacationing in Japan.

And I love the pink tree photo too. :)
kat said…
wow..very beautiful photos Jo..i love it. if i only have a talent on making postcard, frames etc. i will surely like these photos to put in a frame or card. verry gorgeous.

have a great weekend.
jakill, I know huh? I sort of expect that at times when I visit there :)

Carmen, Thank you

rainfiled, you'll be the first to know when I find those elves and fairies.

Icy, thank you, yes that one is a fave of mine as well.

Thank you Cher, I wish I could paint :D

C, if you were here I would make sure to get a photo of you under that pink tree.

Ratty, Ah, very well said and I found that to be true at the gardens as well.

Diane, you would love it here.

Jena, it certainly does and inspires the poetic muse.

lina, thank you and I love the pink tree too.

Kat, actually there are websites like Cafe Press where you can do that. I'm too lazy to do that though :)

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