Wordless Wednesday ~ The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood

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The Graumans Egyptian Theatre is located on Hollywood Boulevard and has a fascinating and rich history. It is also considered a major Hollywood landmark. To see the outside plaza in person is to feel as if you are actually in Egypt. The artwork is spectacular. My next visit I will make sure to tour the inside of the theatre as well. Click here for more detailed information on Graumans Egyptian Theatre. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Love the work !
Liz said…
Looks like a very interesting place. I admire the artwork. Happy WW!

My WW.
Anonymous said…
Those are beautiful photos, Jo! I'd love to able to see this in person!
RNSANE said…
It's beautiful, Jo...did you see a Tut or two running around? I miss you...I extended my stay here with my mother an additional week...it will be a total of 17 days. She is so forlorn, when she asked, I just couldn't leave. I feel so badly for her.
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Could you explain why you didn't go inside and find a nice Egyptian man for the Margiedale's? Obviously, you weren't thinking about me on your trip.
rainfield61 said…
This must be then a historical exploration into the mysterious world, if you ever visit the inside.
Anon, thank you for commenting.

Liz, Thanks for stopping by and a happy WW to you as well.

Icy, yeah the photos do not do it justice. It's awesome in person.

Carmen, I saw many Tuts shaking it in Hollywood :D I'm so sorry about your Mom but it's good you are staying with her now. Are you canceling India?

Margie, No I did not think of you or the Margiedales. I was so overcome by Superman I couldn't think straight the entire trip :)

Rainfield, I definitely want to tour the inside one of these day. Thanks for coming by.
Cher said…
it reminds me of the movie, Prince of Egypt. :)
Ratty said…
Now this is some excellent stuff! I really love Egyptian artwork. I even have hieroglyphics hidden in plain sight on both of my blogs.
Ayie said…
wow, i want to see this place!
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Since you didn't think of me on your trip I'll not be telling you the caboose story. I'll tell Carmen.
Cher, it does, very cool.

Ratty, really? I'm going to have to thoroughly peruse your site :)

Ayie, It is gorgeous.

Margie, that's quite alright. All I have to do is buy Carmen a drink and caboose stories come to life :)

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