Los Angeles Sights

El Capitan Theatre Billboard Marquee Hollywood

El Capitan Theatre Hollywood

Downtown Los Angeles Skyscrapers View From Pershing Square Station

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Hollywood Boulevard

Wax Museum Hollywood.


bessye said…
Hi Joanne!
Very cool pictures. I see you love wax museums as I do. It must have been a nice trip there.

rainfield61 said…
Here you come, Hollywood!!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful sights in Los Angeles, Jo! I like looking at skyscrapers.
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: The pictures are very nice but they'd be spectacular if you'd put some handsome gentlemen in them.
Angela said…
{{{HUGS}}} to you! You are photographing my dream city!
those r excellent pics and photography.. i've always heard of the butiful sights of Los Angeles but never been thre... seen it through ur pics.. Thank u :)
Ratty said…
Great pictures. I love pictures of tall buildings. That last one from the wax museum is my favorite here though. It's just kind of cool looking.
betchai said…
glad you had a wonderful time at LA Jo and were able to take a lot of interesting pictures.
poem said…
Nice blog do you ave just drop EC and care to exchange link?
lina said…
Cool sights in Hollywood. :)
Thanks to all for visiting and commenting. I really so much appreciated your loyalty and support.

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