Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Hollywood

Grauman's Chinese Theatre located on Hollywood Boulevard is the premier theatre and center of attraction on this busy street. It opened in May of 1927 and was THE spot for movie goers. It has been renovated since the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake and was declared and given historical landmark status in 1968.

The forecourt is a tourist friendly hub for shutterbugs. It is where the stars have their hand and footprints etched into the sidewalk along with drawings and notes. The theatre hosts inside tours during the day about every half hour. I did not take a tour during this visit but definitely will during the next visit.

The artwork and architecture of this theatre is just stunning. It is as authentic, colorful and rich in tradition as any of the temples I have seen in China yet with a more modern feel. I was just in awe of the intricate artwork as is obvious by all the photos I took. The photos you see below are just a small sampling and really do not do justice to the beauty of this theatre.

What struck me most about Hollywood and Los Angeles was all the rich history and flavor this city has to offer. While walking around downtown Los Angeles I found many a forgotten theatre and marquee tucked away amongst the city streets in desolate alley ways and forgotten corners. It was a walk through the past.

Walking along Hollywood Boulevard during the evenings means fighting the theatre going crowds along the streets. Movie lovers pack the boulevard for blocks on end to visit these theatres.

I know most of us think of Hollywood as a star studded fantasy land yet it offers so much more in tradition and history which are two aspects that I enjoy most. I hope you enjoy the photo montage. Remember to click the images to enlarge.

View from across the street on Hollywood Boulevard

Closeup of the theatre architecture

One of two stone lions outside the entrance

Forecourt artwork

Column artwork

Top side column view

Grauman's Chinese Theatre night view

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Salitype said…
oh! i loveeee the artwork, they're fab!

and the theatre at night is something, isn't it?

have a lovely day
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Did you find my star while you were there? No, it wasn't given to me for my acting abilities.
Salitype, the artwork is wonderful and the night shot is a bit surreal. Thanks for visiting.

Margie, As soon as I entered Hollywood Blvd. I saw a huge crowd encircling a particular star which by that point security had to take over and protect it with caution tape. When I finally saw the star with not only the hand, foot and lip prints I knew they belonged to you and not just for your acting abilities :D
rainfield61 said…
Chinese artwork, I do believe, is one of the finest.

This is just my personal opinion.
Rainfield, I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is just nothing as creative, unique and meaningful as Chinese artwork. I love it too.
Icy BC said…
Those are beautiful photos, Jo! I like the column picture best.
RNSANE said…
Jo, you did a splendid job of showing off Grauman's! They should be making a donation to your blog for the great photography and your narrative. I had fun the afternoon I spent there, several years ago, snapping away. I like the forecourt artwort, what looks like little bells hanging. Of course, I think both of us are a bit partial to Chinese and Asian art.

I will arrive at SFO early Thursday AM. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed again! We have to get together soon!
Icy, thanks I loved the columns.

Carmen, I agree, I should send them by donate link :D You are right, we both love Asian art so it's a given for us. Glad you'll be back this week. I am supposed to be in Reno on Thursday but both me and my friend are a bit under the weather so it may be postponed. In any case maybe we can get together for breakfast or lunch next week. Have a safe flight home.
Ratty said…
The artwork on this place is just excellent. I really like those faces on the columns. This is the best look I've ever had of this legendary place.
Nancy Ellyn said…
Beautiful shots of Grauman's! Love your blog! Looking foward to exploring all of your posts and photos!
WillOaks Studio said…
I've really enjoyed your blog for awhile I've given Poetic Shutterbug a Best Blog award. Keep up the wonderful work, Joanne!
I've never gotten to explore LA and Hollywood and I enjoyed both the narrative and the pictures. Very interesting.
Glynis said…
As always you share with us information and photographs of the upmost interest. Thanks.
Ratty, the artwork is fantastic. I can only imagine what it's like inside.

Nancy Ellyn, thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to read and comment.

WillOaks, thank you so much, it means alot coming from you.

Mountain Woman, thank you and I hope you have a chance to visit there someday.

Glynis, Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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