This is a guest post by Joseph Farley. Thanks, Joe.


The heat of our passion

ignited the pillow case.

The fire spread

to the sheets

and leapt to the curtains,

crawled over rugs;

gasping in the smoke

we hardly noticed

the holocaust around us

as flesh boiled from rib cage

and bone turned to ash.


rainfield61 said…
It is fierce. The fire is burning, from inside out, through the eyes..
Angela said…
Very passionate!
Glynis said…
Wow very smouldering stuff!
Jena Isle said…
he he he, very sensuous , burning, Jean -a conflagration!
Jena Isle said…
I mean Joanne, sorry for the typo.
Rainfield, yes it is true passion.

Angela, yes passion on fire.

Glynis, on the fringe of rated R.

Jena, LOL!

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