Wordless Wednesday ~ Quack! Quack!

Above photo and video below of the duck pond at the San Francisco Zoo.

Photo above and video below of the duck pond at the San Francisco Children's Zoo.


rainfield61 said…
The Quacks are far too loud.LOL.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful duck pond... and the videos are great too. I was chased by ducks last month at the park and I videotaped it... I should post it some day... it was kinda funny :)
Anna said…
Nice setting with the ducks in the pond.
Ratty said…
I love watching ducks. This reminds me to practice the video part of my camera. The ducks are becoming much friendlier around here now that it's getting colder.
Cher said…
watching the ducks swim and play around the pond is very relaxing! thanks for sharing your video and photos. :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, Jo! It's nice to watch these ducks just floating in the water.
rainfield LOL they are :D

dawn, oh no, you poor girl. I never thought of ducks chasing anyone :) you should post it, I'd love to see it.

Thank you Anna.

Ratty, There are many out and about these days, more so than I've ever seen.

Cher, Thank YOU for taking the time to visit and comment.

Icy, Yes, they are very relaxing to watch.
C said…
Joanne, you are my daily (well not strictly daily but almost daily) dose of nature! :)
C said…
I love to come here and look at ducks and tree stumps n things like that! :)
C, good to know. I'll try and come up with more interesting stuff like fairies and elves. Ducks and tree stumps, reading that here seems so boring. I need to get a life :D

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