The Kodak Theatre - Hollywood

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Home to the Oscars and various major events in Hollywood, the Kodak Theatre sits along Hollywood Boulevard and is an extension of the Hollywood and Highland Center of which I will be blogging about later this week.

These photos do not do justice to this theatre complex. When you walk in the complex you are surrounded by high end retail such as Louis Vuitton, Giordano etc... With the lighting and white and gold columns and adornments, this theatre center is truly a star studded event in it's own right. It's difficult to see in the third photo, so click to enlarge but the stairs are actually covered in red velvet with tiny gold star lights. When you walk up the stairs you come to the entrance of the Kodak Theatre box office which you can see in the second photo. Above you is a huge white and gold dome. I did snap a photo of that but because of the lighting and time of day it did not come out well.

As you can see in the first photo this is a major tourist destination as well so all the Hollywood characters - superman, spiderman, Elvis etc... congregate outside this complex. It is really beautiful inside and something you should at least see while there. They also have tours of the inside of the theatre. For more information visit The Kodak Theatre.


Liz said…
Great photos! Did you bump into some celebs while you're there?
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: The Margiedales and I will be out front of this place on New Year's Eve. Come on down. The boys work for tips.
B.Held said…
The photos are just superb!
rainfield61 said…
There must be many supermen, spidermen, etc. scaterring around by then.

I love to visit Kodak Theatre, it should be full of beautiful and artistic photos besides Louis Vuitton, Giordano and so on.
Cher said…
this reminds me of american idol. lol!

lol @ rain's comment too. :)
DK Miller said…
Those are good photos!
Icy BC said…
Great photos of Kodak Theatre, Jo, and your review is absolutely enticing..
Ratty said…
I liked examining the first picture for all of the characters standing out there. I saw Spider Man, Wonder Woman, and a storm trooper. There were obviously others, but I couldn't tell who they are. Fun!
Liz, thank you. I actually saw Patricia Richardson who played the wife of Tim Allen in Home Improvement. She was walking into the theatre entrance while I was taking pics.

Margie, And so do I :D

B. Held, Thank you :)

rainfield, you should be there because all of the superheros are there :)

Cher, You're right it does have that American Idol feel. Rainfield always makes me laugh :) Thanks for stopping by.

DK, Thank you so much.

Icy, Thanks alot my friend.

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