Giraffe Taking A Stroll

This video was taken at the San Francisco zoo a couple of weeks ago. My creative energy today is taking a rest so I hope you enjoy this short clip.


Ann said…
Enjoy your rest, we all need one now and then.
rainfield61 said…
Before reading your post, I thought the giraffe was having the stroll in the city.
Thanks Ann, I need a couple of days away from the computer screen.

rainfield, I titled it that way on purpose :D

Thank you Dawn.
C said…
Oh my goodness! A giraffe! I love giraffes! :)
C, he was pretty cool though they are so tall I'm always afraid they are going to just step over the fencing
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: I love giraffes. Wonder if Edna would let me have one?
Huzaifa said…
yes dear it is enjoyable...
Margie, Edna would make you share him :) We all know you like the tall, lanky gallant types.

Huzaifa, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for visiting.
AVCr8teur said…
Giraffes are always fun to watch. Take some time off to re-energize your creative juices. :)
DK Miller said…
Have a nice rest. I enjoyed the giraffe! I love giraffes.
Icy BC said…
That's awesome video, Jo..I thought for a moment that the giraffe is coming toward you..
Ratty said…
This is a very welcome sight for me since I missed another year of going to my zoo. I keep wanting to go, but I never have enough time. I miss things like giraffes.
Heryrhey said…
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Karen, Thank you.

Diane, Glad you liked them.

icy, I know it looks that way :)

Ratty, yeah you have to check out your zoo again. I'm sure there will be squirrels there too :D

Neryrhey, thanks for visiting.

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