Name That Bird Contest

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The first person to correctly name this bird receives a Sony Holland CD of your choice and 100 Entrecard credits. If you do not have EC I will substitute with a surprise gift. Leave a comment with your answer.

Hint: they can run over 30 miles an hour and jump over five feet. This particular bird can be found at the San Francisco Zoo.

Good Luck.

We have a winner! Thank you Nancy. The correct answer is a Cassowary. You can read more about this bird by Clicking Here.


Jill, that's what I thought too at first but nope. Thanks for playing.
Anonymous said…
It's a Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) :) Nancy
Wow, that was way too easy :) Nancy, Anonymous please email me at so I can talk to you about your prizes.
Congratulations Nancy!!!
Cher said…
what a fun contest! too bad, there's a winner already. hehe! Congrats to Nancy! :)
Tes said…
Oh wow, I was aboutto make a wild guess, but at the bottom of the post, a winner was announced...teeheee! Cool game, Jo! Congrats Nancy!
Ratty said…
Aww, I missed the contest! That's okay, I would have never figured it out anyway. Congratulations to the winner!
rainfield61 said…
I am too late for the contest. My clock is just not right.
Icy BC said…
Woo..I've missed the contest too! I thought it was an exotic turkey :-)
Makoy said…
hi there Poetic shutterbug! thank you for always visiting my photoblog. I have linked you there i hope you can link me back as well. thanks again!
Ayie said…
looks lieke a turkey to me =)
RNSANE said…
I didn't know the bird but I didn't see your blog did I miss it?

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