Michael Jackson - This Is It

I took this photo while in Hollywood. The billboard is located near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland.

I went to see "This Is It" yesterday. Being a life long fan of Michael Jackson this was something I had to experience and what an experience it was. To see this musical genius behind the scenes allows you a glimpse into the real Michael Jackson. His musicality and creative talent comes alive during this documentary. You experience not just the megastar on stage as we all knew him but you see the man behind the music. His musicality, sensitivity and professionalism shine like nothing I've ever seen. This film will have you running the gamut of emotions. I cried, I laughed and danced in my seat. He was the ultimate entertainer who demanded perfection and accepted nothing less. To see this film is to literally be in the presence of greatness all around. It allows the audience to experience that creative flow which if you have never experienced it, this film will take you there. At his age, Michael still had it and then some.

I saw Michael in a different light. I saw him as a creative soul who lived his passion and wanted nothing more than to share himself with the world and heal this earth. Phenomenal says it best.

Whether a fan or not, this documentary is a must see.


Ann said…
I've heard good things about this. I may have to see it. He was definatley a very talented man.
Ocean Girl said…

I am sure I would be thrilled by the show, but I feel I must be reminded, he is gone.
Angel said…
I'm enjoying all of your pictures and stories about your trip to California. It's almost like being there myself. I've been wanting to see this, so it's good to know that it is worth it to go and see.
Take care:)
Icy BC said…
This is what my son wants to go see this weekend! Now, after reading your post, I am pushed to make this happens. Thanks Jo!
betchai said…
i am planning to see this Jo, my students keep on telling me I should see this, now, I read your encouraging post, thanks for sharing.
Ann, he was a very talented musician and this documentary gives you the inside look. Very well worth seeing.

Ocean, yes watching the film is very emotional.

Angel, I will have more on Los Angeles next week. Thanks so much for visiting.

Icy, you will both love it. Let me know what you think.

betchai, it is something I think you will enjoy.
My sister have watched this movie-docu and she said it is worth watching.

I'm also interested to watch Michael's last hurrah!!

The only sad thing is after his death, each of the family member are in a tug of war for his wealth.
Cristina Alice said…
Michael Jackson is Love and Art.
Michael Jackson is miracle and magic.
Michael Jackson is god, legend and religion.
Michael Jackson is Human and Earth brand.

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